‹#› NORTEL NETWORKS CS2000 MG 9000 – Characteristics CS2000 MG 9000 MG 9000 ESMA DLC MG 9000 Bearer path does not pass through CS 2000 On board intelligence increases uptime and operating efficiency MG 9000 ATM fabric allows intraswitched calls to remain within the MG 9000 & not consume network interface bandwidth Packet Network Packet Network Packet Network MG 9000 CS2000 ESMA DLC CS2000 Packet Network C:MikeNewIcon ewicon_l.gifC:MikeNewIcon ewicon_l.gif In ESA mode the MG 9000 supports basic POTS service Intraswitching Capability Supports ESA Operation Intra-Network Trunking Dynamic Packet Trunking capability allows two MG 9000s to bridge multiple CS 2000 domains