Ranstad in Jacksonville FL

Telecommunications Engineer at Randstad Technologies Jacksonville, FL 32207 Responsible for the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of voice, data, and/or network communications systems. Monitors communications performance using diagnostic equipment, visual checking, and status indicator methods to locate problems. Interfaces with vendors on new technology and system updates. GENERAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: […]

17 HQ Photos from NASA’s Orion Launch


  NASA took its first major step towards a manned mission to Mars today with the successful launch and landing of its Orion spacecraft. Orion completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any spacecraft designed for astronauts has been in more than 40 years. Orion blazed into the morning sky at 7:05 a.m.…

There’s a 225 ft Gas Crater in Turkmenistan That’s Been Burning Since 1971


© Tormod Sandtorv / Darvasa gas crater panorama / CC BY-SA 2.0     Nicknamed the ‘door to hell’, the Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan has been burning for over 40 years. The 225 ft wide (69 meters) and 98 ft deep (30 meters) crater is located in the middle of the Karakum Desert which occupies… logo


Putting Our Solar System Into Perspective


  This amazing graphic was created by Roberto Ziche and shows our solar system to scale. Roberto explains: “At the Chabot Space and Science Center there were some old, poor quality images, probably downloaded from internet and printed on office paper, showing the Sun and the planets to scale. I found the images content to…

This Frozen Pond Looks Like a Japanese Rock Garden

frozen pond looks like japanese rock garden zen (2)

  Reddit user odstane recently shared a series of photos of his backyard frozen pond. The frozen water created some interesting patterns drawing comparisons to a Japanese rock garden or the contour lines on a map (used to show elevation). If any of our knowledgeable readers can explain why this occurs (in simple terms!), let…

Two Tanks Filled with the Same Water but One has Oysters In It


Photograph by MARYLAND SEAFOOD Website | Facebook | Twitter   In this striking visualization we see two tanks filled with water from the Honga River, an estuary of the Chesapeake Bay. The tank on the right also contains oysters. Over the course of 2 hours those oysters filtered all of the algae out of the…

Rippling Water Tables by Zaha Hadid


  Zaha Hadid’s Liquid Glacial Tables were first unveiled in 2012, a collection of coffee and dining tables that resembled rippling water—frozen in time—being funnelled into three water spouts which also served as the table’s legs. The collection was shortlisted by the Design Museum as one of the ‘Best Designs of 2012′. The limited edition…

1-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

1 star yelp reviews of national parks (9)

  Mashable’s Max Knoblauch compiled a funny series of 1-star Yelp reviews of famous US National Parks, turning the best snippets into image macros. If you’ve used online reviews to help make travel decisions you already know people’s experience of the same place can be wildly different. The lesson? Take individual reviews (especially those on…

This Tree Grew Through a Speed Limit Sign

tree grows through speed limit sign in barefoot bay florida (4)

  Reddit user Swingguitars was visiting his wife’s grandparents when he noticed this resilient tree growing straight through a speed limit sign. The tree was spotted in the retirement community of Barefoot Bay in Florida. [via Swingguitars on reddit]   Photograph by Swingguitars on reddit   Photograph by Swingguitars on reddit   Photograph by Swingguitars…

5 Brilliant Captures of the October 8 ‘Blood Moon’

blood moon october 8 2014 (1)

  On the morning of October 8 the full moon took on an eerie reddish hue that people have dubbed the ‘Blood Moon’. According to “The total lunar eclipse of Oct. 8 was visible to observers in North America, western South America, parts of East Asia, Australia and other parts of the Pacific, weather…