Ranstad in Jacksonville FL

Telecommunications Engineer at Randstad Technologies Jacksonville, FL 32207 Responsible for the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of voice, data, and/or network communications systems. Monitors communications performance using diagnostic equipment, visual checking, and status indicator methods to locate problems. Interfaces with vendors on new technology and system updates. GENERAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: […]

Arise Virtual Solutions IBO Comparison

Arise Virtual Solutions IBO Comparison

Arise Virtual Solutions IBO Comparison – Just like it says – this is a full open source listing of any and all IBO’s we could find to date. The purpose of this list is to provide central access to all IBO’s information so people can make their own informed decision. Suggestions are always […]

If the World Were 100 People [Infographic]


  London-based designer Jack Hagley has created an infographic based on the simple premise of: what the world would like if it were represented by 100 people. The statistics cover a broad range, including: gender, age, race and religion. You can find the original source of the data used here. Hagley specializes in infographics. To…

17 HQ Photos from NASA’s Orion Launch


  NASA took its first major step towards a manned mission to Mars today with the successful launch and landing of its Orion spacecraft. Orion completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any spacecraft designed for astronauts has been in more than 40 years. Orion blazed into the morning sky at 7:05 a.m.…

Japanese Discount Store Shirts with Random English Words


  Reddit user k-popstar recently moved to Japan to teach English. Over the last few months he has been wandering into various discount stores and taking photos of shirts with random English words on them. I have to admit, that potato one is pretty sweet! You can find the entire album on Imgur. [via k-popstar]…

Hamster Shopkeepers Running Restaurants and Bars


  In his free time, Twitter user @Kawanabesatou creates tiny restaurants and bars for his pet hamsters. The level of detail in the shops is simply wonderful. There are miniature sushi boats, tiny kitchen appliances and a very impressive selection of drinks! Kawanabesatou posts all of the adorable photos on Twitter where you can find…

Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results


  Writer and illustrator Austin Light recently shared a funny series of sketches from his notebook that reimagines movie titles with one letter removed. The idea started on reddit where users were asked to, “Pick a movie, remove one letter, give a brief description“. As a daily art project, Light took the concept one step…


Photos of Museum Paintings Taking Selfies


  Museum of Selfies is a fun art project started by Olivia Muus that shows people in portrait paintings about to take a selfie. Muus explains: “This is a project that started when my friend aka. right hand and I went to the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. I took a picture for fun…